Unicorn – a mount which increases the movement speed of the rider. 
Dinorant – a mount which increases the movement speed of the rider. Also, a flying mount which allows access to the Icarus map. 

Dinorant creation  

Imp – the Imp will increases the user’s damage by 30%. 
Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel – the angel will absorb damage done to the user by 20%. 
Dark Horse
Dark Horse- a mount only available to Dark Lords. With access to the Earthquake skill, a power stomp which knocks enemies to the ground as the earth is forced up from beneath them. 

Dark Horse creation 

Dark Raven
Dark Raven – a pet only available to Dark Lords. The Dark Raven commanded by the Dark Lord, will assist them in attacks, will attack alone, or can be set to attack at random.

Dark Raven creation

Pet Panda
Pet Skeleton
Pet Unicorn
Spirit of Guardian
Red Horn of Fenrir

Fenrir creation

Black Horn of Fenrir / Blue Horn of Fenrir
Gold Horn of Fenrir

All players who win a Castle Siege and have a Fenrir equipped have their Fenrir transformed into a Golden Fenrir which is more powerful.

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