The Magic Gladiator is a combination of the Dark Knight and Dark Wizard, and can be unlocked as a new class when your character reaches level 220. He cannot wear a helm, and has four sets of class specific armor though he can also wear many of the Dark Knight and Dark Wizard armor. The Magic Gladiator can run without the need of +5 boots, and swim faster without the need of +5 gloves. Magic Gladiators receive 7 stat points per level, as opposed to the 5 gained by the three basic classes. Magic Gladiators only have one class change to Duel Masters.

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Some men have mastered the art of magic at an early age. Others have mastered the way of the sword. A scant few have managed the impossible. They have mastered both sword and sorcery. These savants of might and magic are known as Magic Gladiators. The Magic Gladiators have found the secrets of casting their magic while wearing armor that would encumber any sorcerer. They can also wield blades as good as any knight. Due to their mystical nature they have endless endurance and can run for great distances. Magic Gladiators are also quick learners and advance faster than other classes.

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The Magic Gladiator is viewed as a hybrid of the Dark Knight & Dark Wizard. He is able to wield weapons as Knights do and also cast offensive spells like Wizards. However, the Magic Gladiator cannot wield the Blade Knight / Soul Master weapons / staffs (Spirit Sword, Crystal Staff, etc.), or wear Blade Knight / Soul Master armour sets (Phoenix, Soul) or wear a helmet. Neither is he able to learn the Teleport, Mass Teleport & Mana Shield spells which are the sole domains of the Dark Wizards & Soul Masters or Death Stab, Earth Break or Greater Fortitude skills which are the soul domains of Dark and Blade Knights.

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  • Wings of Darkness
  • Wings of Doom

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