If you are looking for a guide on how to upgrade items, view our Upgrading Guide page.

Jewels are used in-game to enhance items like weaponry. Jewels are available in many different sorts, and have unique characteristics. They also bring a rate of succses and failure with them, which can be seen in the following table with all jewels in-game.

Image Jewel name Jewel description Rates
Jewel of Bless This jewel is used on items to upgrade them from +0 to +6. +0~+6 = 100%
Jewel of Soul This jewel is used on items to upgrade them from +0 to +9. +0~+9 = 50% (75% with +luck option), if failed item is restored to +0. To upgrade over +9, view the Upgrading Guide.
Jewel of Life This jewel is used on items to give additional options. +1~+7 HP regeneration, +4~+28 Damage or Defense increase, +5~+25 Defense rate increase. Always 50% (75% with +luck option), if failed item option level is removed by 1 level.
Jewel of Chaos This jewel is used with combining items in the Chaos Machine at the Chaos Goblin in Noria, and has various functions. Depends on upgrading method.
Jewel of Creation This jewel is used to create stats boosting fruits, resurrect pets, and are involved with the socket system. Depends on upgrading method.
Jewel of Guardian This jewel is used in upgrading Castle Defenses, creating Life Stones, and adding the 'pink' option. Unknown
Jewel of Harmony This jewel is used on items to give them special options which can vary alot and can be viewed in the Jewel of Harmony page. Depends on given option.
Lower / Higher refining stone These jewels are used on items which have an Jewel of Harmony option, and increase the effect of the option. Depends on stone. Lower has a lower chance for succsesful upgrade, and Higher has a higher chance.

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