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Grow Lancer is a melee character that uses lance as its main weapon. Depending on the stats, Grow Lancers can have strong physical damage or elemental damage which makes them proficient in both hunting and PVP.

Last lancer of the Imperial Knights. Utilizes one handed lance and a shield to freely execute both defensive and offensive skills, and combines the magical power of Arca with martial arts to yield powerful damage. Specialized in melee combat, they have high defense and are more resistant to elemental attacks compared to other characters. Also, by having retaliation/rage damage which can be increased by strength/agility, they are able to amplify their damage to extreme levels.

The Grow Lancer character requires a character of a level of 200 or more in your account, to create. This restriction was removed the first week it was released, and everyone (even level 1 accounts) could create it.


?-based Characteristics
Agility An agility focused stat build will grant you the ability to hunt with fast attack speed
and allow you to suppress enemies in PvP with high elemental damage.
Strength A strength focused stat build will grant you higher damage while hunting
and allows you to deal powerful damage to your target during PvP as well.

These builds give the according characteristics, but players may not fully follow these rules and customize their power:

  • Strength pure - a Grow Lancer with base stamina, 200 energy (for the Obsidian Skill, which is a party buff which increases as strength increases), weapon/armour requirement for agility, and rest in strength. This build will have very high damage, low defense, elemental damage depends on Pentagram, and access to almost all skills, including a very big buffed Obsidian Skill (meant for Strength builds).
  • Agility pure - a Grow Lancer with base stamina, base energy (or 200 energy, which will only give +30 Skill Attack if you have a pure agility build), weapon/armour requirement for strength, and rest in agility. This build will have high damage, very high defesene, very high elemental damage, but access to few skills, because agility builds are good for using Rage skills)
  • Hybrid - a Grow Lancer with base stamina, 200 energy (for the Obsidian Skill), and a 1:1 ratio for Agility and Strength. This build will have high damage, high defense, high elemental damage, access to all skills.

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Grow Lancer Mirage Lancer Shining Lancer

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(Main Article: Grow Lancer Sets)

  • Robust
  • Gru Hill
  • Princie
  • Hirat
  • Sate
  • Grace
  • Constant
  • Bloodangel Lancer
  • Darkangel Lancer
  • Holyangel Lancer
  • Awakening Soul Lancer

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  • Cloak of Limit
  • Cloak of Transcendence
  • Cloak of Isolation's

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