Some special types of monsters don't have precise spawning points and appear occasionally within the game. These monsters are golden in appearance and are much stronger than the regular non-golden types. Rare treasures will be dropped when they are defeated. Two common golden monsters are Golden Budge Dragons and Golden Goblins. The former drop Boxes of Luck and the latter drop Boxes of Kundun +1. Both of these monsters can only show up in Lorencia, Noria or Devias. There is also a Golden Titan that spawns in Devias, Golden Dragon that spawns in Lorencia, Noria or Devias, Golden Lizard King that spawns in Atlans and a Golden Tantallos that spawns in Tarkan. They drop Boxes of Kundun +2, +3, +4 and +5 respectively. Also appears other Golden monsters like the Golden Soldier Troop, but these monsters don't drop Boxes of Kundun, only items or zen.

Monsters Edit

  • Golden Budge Dragon (Lorencia, Noria, Devias)
  • Golden Goblin (Lorencia, Noria)
  • Golden Rabbit (Elbeland)
  • Golden Soldier (Devias)
  • Golden Titan (Devias)
  • Golden Knight (Dungeon)
  • Golden Dragon (Lorencia, Noria, Devias)
  • Golden Vepar (Atlans)
  • Golden Lizard King (Atlans)
  • Golden Devil (Lost Tower)
  • Golden Wheel (Tarkan)
  • Golden Tantalos (Tarkan)
  • Golden Stone Golem (Aida)
  • Golden Crust (Icarus)
  • Golden Satyros (Kanturu Ruins)
  • Golden Twin Tail (Kanturu Relics)
  • Golden Napin (Swamp of Peace)
  • Golden Iron Knight (Raklion)
  • Golden Great Dragon (Kantur, Raklion)

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