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The Dark Lord

The Dark Lord can be created when your character reaches level 250. A Dark Lord does high physical and magical damage, and can control pets. Dark Lords also receive 7 stat points per level, and have the ability to swim faster/run without the need of +5 boots and gloves. Dark Lords also have only one class change to Lord Emperor.

Definition Edit

The Dark Lords of MU have surfaced to help face Kundun. They are bred leaders as they used to command great armies and creatures of power in the golden ages. As the threat of Kundun grows ever nearer some have decided to return and help the citizens survive these troubling times. Others on the other hand have returned to seize the opportunity to gain power from the battles that are about to begin.

As Dark Lord Edit


The Dark Lord is a unique character that has great strengths but also has some glaring weaknesses. He has some very strong long ranged attacks but lacks a true mass-killing attack. The Dark Lord can equip low level Dark Knight armors and weapons but it is not truly effective unless equipped with his own class specific items. Most of the Dark Lord's items can only be found in BOK+5's so this character is a hard one to play unless you have already gained these items on a different character beforehand.

As Lord Emperor Edit

Beginning with MU Online Season III, the Dark Lords can evolve to Lord Emperors after completing the three-part quest. They can use all the armors and weapons for Dark Lords. Moreover, there are 3rd Level Wings/Cape (Mantle of Lord) with special options.

Calculation Formula for Dark LordEdit

Maximum Damage
Minimal Damage
Defense Success Rate Strenth ÷ 5 + Energy ÷ 10
Strenth ÷ 7 + Energy ÷ 14
Agility ÷ 7
(Agility x 5) ÷ 2+ Strength ÷ 6 + Leadership ÷ 10 p

Items Edit

Equippable Weapons & Shields Edit

Equippable Armors Edit

(Main Article: Dark Lord Sets)

  • Light Plate Set
  • Adamantine Set
  • Dark Steel Set
  • Dark Master Set
  • Sunlight Set
  • Glorious Set
  • King Set

Pets Edit

(Main Article: Pets)

  • Dark Spirit
  • Dark Horse
  • Dark Raven

Equippable Wings Edit

(Main Article: Wings)

  • Cape Of Lord
  • Mantle Of Lord (Lord Emperor)

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